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Posted by PubliqZone on 04/22/2015

FOR SALE: 1993 bright Orange Supra from Fast and the Furious


In the first Fast and the furious movie Paul Walker had few cars that he loved to drive. The Famous bright orange 1993 Toyota Supra if you remember the star Paul Walker races against Vin Diesel just before the end of the movie is going under the hammer early next month in Mecum Auctions in Indianapolis-US. It is obvious that the Fast and Furious movies have made more than enough money showing the seven movie series around the world. This iconic car expected to make around $200,000 according to some of news websites. But I personally believe this reaches over half a million due the respect and the popularity earned by the Paul Walker – Vin Diesel duals and the 7 movies.

Fast and the furious movie came in to the cinemas in 2001 for the first time and Paul Walker was not the most famous star in Hollywood at the time. However; the Vin Diesel – Paul Walker combination with the theme of the movie created a new trend for the street race lovers. Even the people who have never raced on streets also became highly addicted to the Fast and Furious movies due to the culture created by the mega movie production series from 2001 till 2015 and consequently Paul Walker became a bigger and a shining star in Hollywood.

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