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Posted by PubliqZone on 05/24/2015

Early Stage of Wilpattu Catastrophe at April 2013

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The Wilpattu national park could have saved two years (i.e 2013) ago before it stepped in to the stage we are facing now in mid-2015. In this video Mr. A. D. Rathnayake the director general Wildlife at the time confirms the area is not residential land also it has been declared as a conserved area adjacent to the Wilpattu main national park, and building of temporary houses are not allowed in the area the 18 temporary houses that are already built are illegal there is a court case in process against to the building has done and to stop building further housing. Anyone who has seen the area in news reported last couple of weeks realise the development of the illegal activities if Mr. Rathnayake the director general Wildlife is correct. It is very clear this issue could have been resolved in its early stage without these innocent residents displacing again after war. Further; the issue has risen even to the another stage allegedly reporting some of the residence are not Sri Lankan citizens and this creates a genuine questions who are they and what are they doing there same as the vehicles turns up without number plates to the recent protest of the Buddhist monks.

Also see the following video to see the situation in 2014.

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